Library and Information Centre – one of the leading departments of the Academy. Its main task – documentary and information support of the educational process and research, moral and aesthetic education of the person. Academy Library was founded in 1979 on the basis of Shymkent branch of Alma-Ata State Medical Institute. SD Asfendiyarov. The basis of the book fund were the educational and scientific literature on pharmacy, library passed ASMI.

Years passed, and the growth was unchanged status of the university – a branch of ASMI, Pharmaceutical Institute, Medical Institute, and Academy. The development was accompanied by not only increasing the number of students, the opening of new faculties, but also the improvement of training and educational processes, the conduct of research. All it required expanding the scope of bibliographic services, improve the quality of service to readers. Since 1991, after the opening of the Faculty of Medicine, began actively replenish the fund of educatio

nal and scientific literature, medical profile.

In 2000, the library moved to the annex building and occupies the second floor. On the basis of the order of the rector YUKGMA number 73p dated 06.10.2008 Library in September 2008 was reorganized into the Library and Information Center.

Currently, the library structure includes 3 sectors, reading rooms, ski passes (educational, fiction) and an electronic reading room with access to local and remote information resources.

Since 2003. Implemented library IRBIS-32 program since 2011. – IRBIS-64, which allowed for comprehensive automation of library processes: acquisition of literature, subscription to periodicals, accounting, registration, barcoding of new arrivals, checking and fund relief, creation and maintenance of an electronic catalog, reference and information services, taking into account users and Circulation. To systematize the literature used the electronic version of UDC. As part of the automation of library processes continues barcoding new acquisitions and retrospective Fund, is working on completing the electronic filing of book providing educational process.

Electronic catalog of the library contains several constantly updated databases: Books; Articles; Abstracts and dissertations; Proceedings YUKGFA employees; Electronic fund. To find the standard documentation and the provision of full-text legal information at the library since 2006. applied “Zan” database.

The library has 48 personal computers, 13 printers, 3 scanners, 4 copier, multimedia projector, 2 videodvoyki, bar coding equipment. Functions LAN, there is access to the Internet, e-mail works.

One of the keys to the success of library activities – professionalism of the staff, aimed at meeting the information needs of readers. The library employs highly qualified professionals, all have higher librarian education.