1. General Provisions

1.1. Terms of the settlement and residence in YUKGFA hostel (further – Rules) are developed on the basis of the current housing legislation and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.2. The rules are a local normative act of the Academy, the implementation of which is mandatory for deans and all living in a student dormitory.

1.3. The living quarters in a dormitory of the Academy are designed for temporary accommodation of students.

  1. The order of the premises and checking in the student residence

2.1. The student who wants to live in the dormitory of the Academy shall submit an application to the Chairman of the Housing Commission (Dean). The application applied the necessary supporting reference / documents. The contract of renting living quarters with a student in need of a hostel, is based on the order of arrival.

Contracts of tenancy are in triplicate, one copy is kept by the living, and the other is at the head of a hostel (Commandant) and third in the accounting department of the Academy.

2.2. Places in the dormitory provided the following categories of students YUKGFA:

  1. a) students from other regions of Kazakhstan and remote areas of South Kazakhstan region;
  2. b) orphan children left without parental care;
  3. c)half-orphans;
  4. d) persons with disabilities;
  5. d) children whose mother-holders badges “Altyn alқa”, “To үmіs Alka “;
  6. e)to students from low-income families.

2.3. Earliest check-in is made the head of the hostel dormitory (commander) under a contract of employment premises, passport and health certificate vselyaemog on, the address reference, reference reassuring above categories (all certificates must be notarized).

2.4. The decision to grant a family hostel for students considered on common rules.

2.5. When you check into a hostel students should be familiar with these Rules, the Rules s internal labor regulations of the Academy and be instructed on safety in the operation of household appliances, household radio equipment, to familiarize with the established order of use of personal electrical appliances and order the release of places in the hostel. Instruction is carried out safety engineer.

2.6. The amount of payment for accommodation in a student residence is set PEO and approved by the Rector.

2.7. for accommodation in the dormitory fee is charged with studying

all in The burden of their residence (academic year) and during the holidays; while studying at the exit

holiday period charge for the use of bedding and extra services will be charged.

2.8. In the event of termination of the employment agreement of premises lives in three days is required to vacate the place (living room) in the hostel, passing the head of the hostel (the Commandant) living room neat and all the resulting inventory is in good condition.

2.9. The procedure for using the hostel learners on vacation, determined according to their wishes Academy of Administration in consultation with the trade union organization of students.

  1. Passes in the dormitory 

3.1. Passes in dormitories is carried out:

– Round the clock duty watchman hostel on the regime and life safety;

3.2. Requirements dormitory administration for the maintenance of the established order in the dormitory are mandatory for all residents.

3.3. To enter the student dormitory living is issued a pass standard pattern. The pass is the main living document to enter the student dormitory. Entrance to the hostel guests carried out upon presentation of an identity document.

3.4. Entrance to the student dormitory living for Security badges. Operational duty (watchman) is obliged to make an entry in the log of all the living, who arrived from 22.00 to 6.00.

3.5. Persons not living in a dormitory, are allowed in the building of student dormitories from 07:00 to 22:30 hours, by invitation only living in the dorm. Residents are required to meet the visitor to watch. At the same time on the watch are documents visitor identity and a pass to the hostel resident, to which a visitor came.

3.6. After the visit, a resident is obliged to conduct the visitor to watch.

3.7. Being in a room persons permanently residing in it is not possible only with the consent of all the tenants of the room.

3.8. The visitors, including family members enrolled in the Academy may apply for temporary residence in the guest rooms (if any) of the student dormitory, subject to availability.

3.9. Responsibility for compliance with the visitors of this Regulation and internal regulations rests with the sponsor.

3.10. In case of violation of residing in a hostel or visitors of the rules visit the hostel or temporary accommodation, dormitory head (commander) of offenders is taken explanatory, and passed along to the appropriate official note to the dean of the Faculty for disciplinary action.

3.11. Operational duty (watchman) has the right to restrict access to the building of the hostel of unauthorized persons in the event of concerns that their presence in the hostel may contribute to a violation of the order. Appeal against this decision is possible through

Head of the hostel (commandant), and in his absence by the duty teacher and dean.

3.12. Any rude and tactless actions against employees policing hostel, failure to present a permit or identity document, regarded as a gross violation of these Rules and internal regulations.

  1. The right to live in a student dormitory

4.1. Living in a student residence have the right to:

– To live in assigned to them the living room the whole period of study, subject to these Rules, work rules and contract tenancy;

– To use the premises for self-study facilities and cultural and community purpose, EQUIPMENT hostel;

– Seek a statement to the head of the hostel (the Commandant) with requests for timely repairs, the failed through no fault of the equipment and inventory replacement resident;

– Participate in the formation of student dormitories Council and be elected to its membership;

– Participate through student council hostel in matters of improving the living conditions, the organization of educational work and leisure.

  1. Duties of living in a student dormitory

5.1. Living in a student residence must:

– Comply with the conditions concluded with the Academy premises lease contract;

– In the established order and terms of providing documents for registration at the place of stay, as well as for military registration;

. – To receive visitors at the set point 3.5 of this Regulation the time;

– To make timely payment of the prescribed fee for hostel accommodation, use of bedding and all kinds of extra services rendered;

– During the use of premises for self-study facilities and cultural and community purpose to keep quiet and not interfere with other residents in the use of the said premises;

– Strictly comply with these rules, safety regulations and fire safety rules;

– Strictly comply with the instructions for use of household electrical appliances;

– Take care of the facilities, equipment and inventory;

– Rational use of electricity and water;

– To observe cleanliness and order in residential areas and public spaces; tidy in their living rooms every day, and the kitchen – on schedule on duty;

– To compensate the material damage caused in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan and the contract of renting living quarters;

– At the request of the hostel staff to present an identity document as well as a pass to the hostel;

– Allow the inspection of the living room of the Academy of Administration and (or) the hostel for the purpose of monitoring compliance with these Rules, check the safety of property, preventive and other types of work.

5.2. Living in a hostel it is prohibited:

– Voluntarily move from one room to another;

– Illegally transferring equipment from one room to another;

– Willfully produce rework and repair electrical wiring;

– To carry out the work in the room, or perform other actions that create increased noise and vibration, disrupts the normal living conditions of students in other living spaces. From 22:00 to 07:00 hours use TVs, radios, tape recorders and other loud-speaking devices is permitted only subject to reduction hearing to the extent that does not disrupt the rest living;

– Stick to the walls of the living room and in the common areas, except in specially designated for this purpose places, announcements, schedules, etc .;

– Smoke in the dorm rooms;

– Disrupting the established order , to carry out unauthorized persons to the hostel and (or) leave them to sleep in the dormitory; to provide living space for living to others, including those living in the other dorm rooms;

– To appear in a hostel in a state of alcohol or drugs, have to consume and store beverages that contain alcohol;

The dorms are prohibited:

– Sale of alcohol and drugs;

– Unauthorized head of the hostel (commander), extra locks on the front door of the premises, alteration or replacement of locks;

– Use in the living room open fire;

– Maintenance of the hostel pets;

– Storage of bulky items in the room, disturbing other residents to use the selected location.

  1. Rights of the hostel administration

6.1. student dormitory administration has the right to:

– Make proposals to improve the conditions in the hostel accommodation;

– In conjunction with the student council hostel submit to the Dean proposals on the application of disciplinary measures against violators of internal order.

  1. Responsibilities of the Academy of Administration

7.1. Academy management is obliged to:

– Provide students places in the dormitory, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the norms of living in a hostel, this Regulation;

– When moving into a student residence and a further stay of students to inform them of local normative acts of the Academy of regulating questions of residence in the dormitory;

– Include student hostel premises in good condition in accordance with the sanitary rules and regulations;

– Enter into agreements with residents and fulfill contracts tenancy;

– Complement a student dormitory furniture, equipment, bedding and other supplies ;

– The staff complement of student dormitories in the prescribed manner by service personnel;

– Ensure the provision of living in a student dormitory the necessary utilities and other services, facilities for self-study and conduct of cultural, recreational and sports activities;

– Temporarily resettle living in a student dormitory in the case of a dangerous disease to others in a special room on the basis of doctors’ recommendations;

– Contribute to the student council hostel in the development of student government for self-improvement of working conditions, living and leisure guests;

– Implement measures to improve the living and cultural conditions in the dormitory, to take timely measures to implement the proposals of residents, to inform them of the decisions taken;

– Provide the necessary thermal conditions and lighting in all areas of student dormitories in accordance with the sanitary requirements and rules of occupational safety and health;

– Provide residents with the necessary equipment, supplies, tools and materials when carrying out work on the improvement, maintenance and cleaning of the student dorm rooms and secured territory;

– To provide in the territory of a student dormitory protection and compliance with the established access mode.



  1. Duties of the student dormitory administration

8.1. student dormitory administration is obliged to:

– Ensure the provision of documents for registration of living at the place of stay;

– Contain the hostel premises in accordance with the sanitary standards and regulations;

– Complement dormitory furniture, equipment, bedding and other supplies;

– Ensure that this hostel repair, inventory, equipment, kept in a proper manner fixed for the hostel, green areas;

– Quickly troubleshoot sewer systems, electricity, water supply and hostels;

– Ensure that residents in the hostel premises necessary for self-study, recreation rooms, utility rooms;

– To provide a daily tour of the hostel premises in order to identify deficiencies in their operation and maintenance of sanitation and to take timely measures to address them;

– Manufacture of bed linen replacement at least once in 10 days;

– Provide a living in the dormitory right to use appliances and equipment in compliance with their safety and operating instructions for household appliances;

– Facilitate the work of the student council hostel on improving living conditions, living and leisure guests;

– Take steps to implement the proposals of residents, to inform them of the decisions taken;

– Provide residents with the necessary equipment, supplies, tools and materials to carry out voluntary work for cleaning the hostel and assigned to the dormitory area;

– To provide fire and public safety of living in a student dormitory and staff.



  1. Government bodies in the dormitory

9.1. In the dorm living elected government body – the Student Residence Council (hereinafter – the hostel Student Council), representing their interests. Hostel Student Council coordinates the activities of chiefs rooms (blocks), organizes the hostel daily living, attracts voluntarily resident to perform community service in the hostel and surrounding area helps the hostel administration in monitoring the safety of tangible assets assigned to the living, organizes cultural events.

Student council hostel in his work is guided by these Rules.

9.2. Each room (unit) is elected by the hostel warden. The headman of the room (unit) monitors the careful attitude to the guests in the room (block) the property, the content of the room (unit) clean and tidy.

The headman of the room (unit) is guided by the decisions of the Board of the student hostel and the hostel administration.



  1. The responsibility of living in a student dormitory 

10.1. For violation of this Regulation to the residents on presentation of the hostel administration can be applied measures of social and disciplinary action in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the Academy, and internal regulations. The question of the application of a disciplinary sanction in the form of eviction from the hostel LCD Academy considered in due course.

10.2. For violation of the living responsibilities under the Charter of the Academy and the internal regulations they are subject to the following disciplinary sanctions:

  1. a) observation;
  2. b) reprimand;
  3. c) expulsion from the hostel;
  4. d) expulsion from the Academy with the termination of the tenancy in a dormitory.
  5. 3. Application of disciplinary action is made by the order of the Rector on the proposal of the dean of faculty.



  1. The procedure for eviction of residents from the student residence

1 1 . 1 . Residents may be evicted from the hostel in case of:

  1. a) the use of premises for other purposes;
  2. b) destruction of or damage to the premises or other citizens residing, for the acts of which they are responsible;
  3. c) refusal to live on residence registration;
  4. g) systematic violation of the rights of residents and legitimate interests of its neighbors, which makes it impossible to live together in the same dwelling;
  5. e) failure to make payment for living premises within six months;
  6. e) lack of living in a dorm without a written warning for more than two months;
  7. g) appearance in a hostel in a state of alcohol or drugs;
  8. h) storage, distribution and use of narcotic drugs;
  9. i) storage living in the dormitory of explosive, chemically hazardous substances or firearms;
  10. a) contributions from the Academy;
  11. l) other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  12. 2. Eviction of residents of the hostel is made on the basis of the decision of the Academy of the LCD in the following cases:

– Termination of the employment agreement of premises in a dormitory on the grounds specified in the contract;

– Contributions of students from the Academy before the end of the study period due to the violation of these Rules and internal regulations;

– At the personal request of residents;

– Dismissal of students at the Academy at the end of the study period.




/ Name of the rector of the university /

/ Faculty /
/ specialty /
/ group rate /
/ full name /


I ask you to give me a place in a dormitory of the Academy.

Place _____________________________________________________ arrival ___






“_____” ________________ 20__. __________________________


Checklist for hostel accommodation YUKGFA 

–      W ayavlenie for a place in the dormitory, according to the model;

–      With the editing of family members, in the presence of the family;

–      With the editing of the death of a parent (parents) (for orphans), in case of loss of a parent or parents;

–      With the editing of the presence in a family of 4 or more children (for children from families with many children);

–      FAQ about the disability;

–      By the opium of the identity document;

–      To vitantsiyu hostel for payment.