Seksenbayev Bakhytzhan Deribsaliyevich graduated in 1985 from the Medical Faculty of Alma- Ata State Pharmaceutical Academy and worked as a surgeon in Road Hospital in Alma- Ata. Enrolling in post graduate courses of ASMI according to the specialty “Surgery” in 1988, he successfully graduated it in 1991 defending his Ph.D. thesis and worked until 1994 as an Assistant of Surgical Diseases Department of ASMI. In 1994, he was Acting Head of the Department of General Surgery at ShymkentState Pharmaceutical Academy

Enrolling in 1996 for doctorate of Research Center of Surgery named after Syzganov A.N., he successfully defended his doctoral thesis, and then, he was the head of Surgery Department of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

From 2002 to 2009 he worked in civil service in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a surgeon – in – chief, a chief of surgical care division, Deputy Director of the Department of medical assistance of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan.

Since January 2009, according to the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Seksenbayev B.D was posted as Rector of State Enterprise “SKSPhA”, then reorganized in RSE for EPR “SKSPhA”.

 Professor Seksenbayev B.D. has more than 200 publications, including 17 patents for invention of RK. He trained 8 Candidates and 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences. He was elected for academician of KazNANS for his contribution to the development of science in high school.