South – Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy (the former SKSMA) is today the leading state higher educational institution which is training pharmaceutical specialists. In June 2006, the Academy successfully passed certified audit from international company “National Quality Assurance Limited” (NQA), by results of which it received international certificate of quality № 21235 on compliance of ISO 9001-2001 standard. In 2009, 2012 and 2015 SKSPhA successfully passed re-certification audits on compliance of requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

In 2011 SKSPhA passed accreditation in science for participation in competition of scientific and technical activity at the expense of state budget of RK, the certificate on accreditation from August 22, 2011, № 001797 MK series.

In autumn 2013, the Academy successfully passed institutional accreditation in IQAA and received a certificate dated from 06.01.2014, registration number is IA №0024.

Now in SKSPhA there is a training of specialists with higher education of pharmaceutical and medical profile in bachelor degree, magistracy and residency. And also education in internship is carried out. At the Academy, on the FPSPPE there is a training of specialists with secondary professional education on specialties of pharmacy and medicine.

Mission of SKSPhA

Preparation of highly qualified competitive specialists of pharmaceutical and medical profile for Southern region and the country as a whole on the basis of achievements of modern science and practice, ready to adapt for quickly changing conditions in pharmaceutical industry and medical branch by continuous increase of competence and development of a creative initiative.


Shymkent branch of ASMI 

Shymkent branch of ASMI was established in 1979 as a branch of Alma-Ata State Medical Institute on the basis of Resolution of Council of Ministers of Kazakh SSR dated from 03.07.1979, № 247 and it was made the first enrollment of students at the Faculty of Pharmacy. In 1981, on the basis of Shymkent branch of ASMI, the II Congress of Pharmacists of Kazakhstan took place.


In January 1, 1991 Shymkent branch of ASMI, on the basis of Resolution of Council of Ministers of Kazakh SSR dated from 29.10.1990, № 429, was changed in independent institution – Shymkent State Pharmaceutical Institute (ShSPhI). In September 1992, it was made the first enrollment of students of the specialties “Medical care” and “Pediatrics”. In 1992, in ShSPhI there was created two separate faculties: pharmaceutical and medical.


In recognition of the important role of ShSPhI in the preparation of pharmaceutical and medical personnel for Southern region was the renaming of the university in Shymkent State Medical Institute (ShSMI), based on Resolution of Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 778 dated from 14.07.1994.




In February 25, 1997 ShSMI was changed in South- Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy (SKSPHA). In September 1997, general medical facsulty was divided into two faculties: medical and pediatric. Since 1999, on the basis of SKSPHA, internship and faculty of advanced training (FAT, later – FADPh) was opened for practicing physicians and pharmacists of three Southern regions. In 2002, the Faculty of training specialists with technical and vocational education (FTSwithTPE, Medical College) was opened in 6 specialties. In 2004 the 25th anniversary of Pharmacy Faculty was marked. In 2006 in SKSMA there was successfully implemented SQM for compliance with international standard ISO 9001-2001.


According to Government Resolution of RK dated from 08.07.2009 №1037, South-Kazakhstan State Medical Academy was reorganized into South- Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy. In 2011 it received Certificate of Accreditation of SKSPhA as a subject of scientific and technical activities. In 2010-2011, the university was awarded international and national awards, including International certificate of honour “European grant”, honorary diploma “Best Enterprises”, diploma of Democratic Party “Nur Otan” and others. In 2012, there was opened educational dental clinic and laboratory for genomic research, pharmacognostic and phytochemical study of medicinal plants.